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re: Application - Gavin


What is your name?


From which race do you hail?

I am a Gilnean Worgen.

How old are you?

I am not sure, due to only brought back to a human mindset roughly two months ago, but I am only two years younger than Berynd, we've managed to remember that much.

What qualities do you have that you feel will make you suitable as a member of the Wardens of Azeroth?

After regaining my human form thanks to your help, I have managed to secure a job with the Dreamweavers. There I have been working with people who are nearing loosing themselves to their forms, using what I have learnt from my experience to aid them best I can. I am also trained in first aid, but I mainly specialise in shifting, and incorporating Lunar/Solar magics into my forms.

OOC: What roleplaying experience do you have? (Do not be afraid to say none at all)

Hello, it's Aivor.

OOC: Do you agree with our Roleplaying Policy?

Yep, still Aivor here.

"Okay, rally caps. Personal life? Not strong. But I did beat up a HYDRA tentacle-monster-robot-thingie. So I got that going for me. Maybe I am getting the hang of this super-hero stuff. Sure my powers are a bit off, and I got into a fight in a sewer, but I'm totally--


It's right behind me, isn't it?" - Silk Volume 0
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