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Mordoth Timire

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re: Claws of Metal: Mordoth's Notes


Well then, this damn worgen buisness has been going on for a few months, so I thought I'd write up a list of people who might want to kill us before this is over, of maybe even after.

Joseph Synphum

The man at the top. A forsaken who we've only met once, at the funeral of a Lady Langstrom. Apparently this guy's been running the experiments on the worgen, everything from breaking their minds and putting them under his control (a bit like bloody circus animals... or maybe violently breaking a horse) to pumping them full of weird potions that seem to increase muscle growth and make them stronger. Gerrond said he was trying to be a new Arugal, and in all honesty, he doesn't seem to be far off. At the moment he's still alive (or as close as he can be for an undead).

Galen Drathis 

The guy who brought us into this mess, who seems to want us to destroy his boss: Synphum. As far as we know, Galen funds the operation, but also has ties to other things in the Black Market. According to Kaeomi, that ranges from slave trade to illegal artifact trade. Oh, and a side note: According to Thandreth he's probably a shadow magic user. But, just do as Gerrond does to all casters. Cut them down, simple as that.

Narkom Arnsburg

The worgen death knight who recently escaped from the Ironforge cells. He's pretty easy to spot, with the glowing eyes and everything else. Oh, and the slightly bent snout. I'm sure I heard Steyen bragging about punching him in the nose at some point. Either way, we don't really know this guy's motive, other than that he's against Joseph Synphum.


A draenei that we met a few weeks back, working as a black smith for Joseph Synphum. Again, she escaped alongside Narkom. We know barely anything about her, and her reasons for working for Synphum are still unknown.

The Masked Man

He's a fel user that wears a cloak and a mask made out of a worgen skull. At the moment, that's all we have. We think he might be an assassin or something for Synphum, though his motives are unknown. We've never directly fought him for a long period of time, so be careful around this guy.


The last of the shitheads that really don't like us. He works directly for Synphum, probably as one of his top men. He's very easy to recognise. His entire body is covered with a metal suit, with a glowing crystal in the chest. His legs seem to be entirely mechanical, probably using gnomish technology. His arms also seem to have more of this technology. This adds up to give him increased speed and strength. His armour is also covered in runes, their function being to absorb or deflect magic and use it against the caster. Lastly, he's also pumped up with Synphum's arcane and fel based strength potions.

Oh, and did I mention that he despises us? Probably because we're responsible for killing his sister, making him lose both his legs, getting fel burns across his face and making him lose both his eyes.  


HK-47: "Query: Can I kill him now, master? I would like ever so much to crush his neck, just a little. It is a long-time fantasy of mine."

Revan: "Maybe later."

HK-47: "You hear that, meatbag? I will be back!"


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