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re: Website Update


Hi guys, apologies for the off and on activity (if you could call it that) for the past 6 months. I am trying to get back into WoW as unsubbing is something I couldn't do. For now however - you guys deserve a fully updated website again. I have heard alot about the different stories being run and it's all awesome to hear. From the bottom of my heart I wish I could have been there to experience more of them and feel I cannot truly put into words how honoured I am to be in the guild that just keeps on producing, giving and ensuring there is content, enjoyment and a sense of belonging. 

With this in mind, fill me in and let me know what areas of the site you want updating other than the obvious notice board, homepage and slider. I will need help with those mentioned due to my inactivity. We appreciate all your work and I hope you have been making some awesome memories - Carm <3

Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
Karinia DuLey

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re: Website Update


I've been wanting to reply to this post for a while, as the forum is something I do like. While Discord has certainly replaced much of what the forum can offer, I believe it should still have a place. It is afterall one of the first locations prospective applicants can get a feel for what the guild is like and what we can offer them as vice-versa. So, I've taken my time to compile my thoughts into one reply.

Firstly, I think any activity on the forums should be made public if it might be appropriate to do so. Obviously OOC personal details you want to keep private and long posts about storylines or short stories you can keep in the members only, but it is important to have a public part of the forum somewhat active as well. This was one of the reasons I made the 'Gnometure Science' thread public, so it can give a little laugh not just to Wardens but anyone else.

Following on from Gnometure Science, the light-hearted forumla of the post has been quite the success of people that have read it or gotten involved. I plan on doing a similar 'npc narrated' light-hearted thread soon written by a Night Elf Warden whose job is to create the Wanted: Quests and who comes across the Warden's While keeping the same 4th-wall breaking light hearted tone, it would also serve as somewhere to give a taste of the foes the Wardens face to those out of the guild, giving a preview of our storylines while keeping the meat for members.

Another thing that when work clears up for me I am interested in doing is something akin to the Art of Roleplay linked on the top bar. Rather than focus on roleplay, this would focus on topics regarding storyline creation, storyline planning and so forth. The topics you can discuss is vast, a late night discord chat can certainly attest to that. Storylines and events have evolved alot since I joined the Wardens two years ago and as someone that has run events constantly through that time, I feel I am in a good place to give out my thoughts and opinions.

The noticeboard certainly needs updating. I did upload some summaries for storylines from myself, Steyen, Aivor and Mordoth, however they were not added to the side bar. These were not week specific, but the overall idea of the storyline. I had planned on doing a summary of every meeting on the side panel as well, keeping it updated, but I figured it was pointless to do until other such ones were added.

Shoutbox at one point I thought about doing for events, listing the days events and times. I think that is valid, keeps it fresh and new and people can check times without logging in.

The main picture will obviously be updated soon as we reach another birthday.

That just leaves the storylines, which we have alot active at the moment. (Names may not be spelt correctly).

Only yesterday did Troll Troubles end, with the Wardens having finally bested Rek'Zun, they went to track down the remnants. His daughter, Ura'Jin refused to surrender and fell before the Wardens as in fighting had torn the group apart with Rek'Zun's fall.

Kora'thil from Steyen's storyline seems to have 'gone underground', however whether this is literal or otherwise is unknown. His forces were beaten back on the Isle of Thunder but the main hold has yet to be breached by the Wardens. The undead elf and cult leader still have alot of aces they have not played.

Karinia was rescued after two months of being held hostage by Lylieth and Lucaron. Infighting in that group seems to be swelling, but questions still remain about the missing shadows, the mysterious figures controlling the Queen of Shades and the prisoner once locked away in the du'Ley vault.

A third party has joined the fray in Mordoth's storyline, Claw of Metal, just when it seemed the Wardens were about to prevail over the undead Synphum (?) and his metallic worgen. No doubt our paths will cross again soon.

Brown's disappearance in her storyline has been resolved to an extent, but questions still linger, not just about the mysterious artifact recovered from a Death Knight, but no doubt other questions as well (since I missed the last event, better talk to Brown)

Veledran started a new storyline last week in Ashenvale. What started as helping his landlady quickly turned into a missing human, a cult of necromancers and a past Veledran surely wishes was forgotten.

These of course don't mention the hours of non-event roleplay featuring such a cast as the worgen trio, gnome misadventures, the soon-to-be-father Arcweaver and the eternal question of whether anyone can beat Alinah in an arguement.

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