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Illyanaeth Arcweaver

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re: Application: Berynd


What is your name?


From which race do you hail?

I am one of the survivors of Gilneas. Call me Worgen or call me human, however you are so inclined.

How old are you?

I cannot recall how many years it has been since I was born, but I am still a capable young adult with my body still being able to keep up with me.

What qualities do you have that you feel will make you suitable as a member of the Wardens of Azeroth? 

Since waking from a few years in the Emerald Dream, I have been working as a for-hire combat healer up until the Demonic Invasion. During this time I made haste to convene with the Cenarion Circle, before being assigned to a group of druids under Irongrove's command, assisting with the Great Liberation of Suramar City. In this down time two of your members put me in touch with a shal'dorei women who was in need of training. In the space of around half a year I trained her in the simpler forms of nature magic, which we know of as "harvest-witchcraft." With Lady Orani's training being complete, I once again returned to the Emerald Dream, only for a week. In this time I came into contact with a worgen on the edge of becoming feral. It is on this pretext that our paths cross again.

OOC: What roleplaying experience do you have?

I'm Steyen.

OOC: Do you agree with our Roleplaying Policy?

I'm Steyen.


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