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re: Where were you, when Argus appeared in the sky?


Greetings everyone, hello and of course welcome to the Wardens of Azeroth website. First off are we all having a pleasent Summer? We certainly hope so - as having a great time fits perfectly with the news hitting Azeroth soon. Argus will be pulled from the great dark and appear in the skies all over our beloved planet. Yes, that's right. The Draenei homeworld that was torn apart by the Burning Legion and then made a seat of their command will be far closer than we want it to be. 

Now at this point we haven't acknowledged it occurring in-character but after discussions as a guild we felt that as soon as Kil'Jaeden is released on LFR that is when Argus is going to be appearing in our skies. So that is today. This is big stuff to cover inside of RP since we know so little, we don't know that Illidan fooled us - what this planetary thing in the sky even is, what it means etc. Now some would know it to be Argus, some will not, some will assume. What's hard to cover is the true emotions of that first sight of this fel ravaged planet in the sky above you, above your home world. I have for you, an insightful challenge. 

After this homepage post is released a new thread will be opened on this website where you all can write a short story about what your character(s) were doing when Argus appeared in the sky and of course - the main purpose of this their reactions and or feelings towards it happening in it's initial stages. If you do so - I will personally look into spotlighting each and every post made on our homepage via a widget of some form. I will also try and commemorate it with a reward of sentimental value, one you can look back on and recall your time and effort spent on an important piece pf RP such as this. I am open to suggestions on those two things as-well so let me know and lets see some amazing posts put up regarding this!

Our Stories, Our Beloved Stories.

The members have been working tirelessly to bring forth their own stories into the Warden mainstream and endulge, immerse and of course partake in others hard work. Right here and now from the very bottom of our hearts - we thank you, we applaud you and appreciate your writing and your participation. Just over 6 years ago we started this guild and from the very bottom we have built to this, which is truly amazing and an achievement for all to be proud of. 

Yesterday we had our weekly meeting and we discussed many of our stories with a huge turnout while ignoring our newfound treat of a skybox...

I usually individually go through each story but I can't do them the justice they deserve and I want your first entry into these fabulous stories to be in-character. So better yet, let me tell you a few things, only a few, that you will experience with our stories from Karinia's to Steyen's, from Malcador's to my own, to Carieth's and all the rest. You will be taken on an experience which greater promotes character development while roleplaying alongside well designed NPCs, you will be taken from your seat to the richest environments of Azeroth and our writer's own imagination. 

From pirates to assassins, from shady power-hungry types to necromancers, village-based beauty to the rage of brutal combat, the corrupt and the pure. Every story is unique, every story is beautiful and every story is something to enjoy and experience together leaving you craving more not only because the writing is fantastic - but because it brings us all closer together as a community of our own. Better yet, we will all support you creating your own stories - it's a main guild focus infact. 

Back in Command.

More great news this week! Carcia has returned to make our Commanding Team a full and fun 4 piece! I am sure you will all be as pleased as I am with this news and welcome her back warmly. 

Thank you all very much for visiting the site, reading through this post and hitting that apply to guild button. Your adventure starts here, continues here and may it never end. The Wardens of Azeroth is your RP haven and we will see you all in-game image.



Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
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