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Karinia DuLey

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re: Anu'dora - For Truth


Anu'dora, For Truth!

Starting on July 28th, my new storyline, Anu'dora (Darnassian for For Truth), kicks off. Anu'dora aims to add a new spin to the Warden concept of protection and justice. Rather than dealing with foes through combat, the Wardens find their enemies hiding in plain sight, shrouded by lies as they commit their crimes. It is up to the Wardens to look through the deceit to find the truth and look through the crime to find the answers. Mystery is the name of this game.


Anu'dora will feature multiple short storylines, similar to how mystery series tend to work on television. The usual structure of events, a crime is commited before the Wardens get involved. As the Wardens get involved, they try to narrow down the suspects, looking for clues, speaking with suspects and witnesses, delving into the secrets everyone has kept hidden. Ultimately, it is time for the Wardens to decide who they think the guilty party is and get them to confess, force their hand, or simply present them to a court and let law enforcement take over.


Not everyone the Wardens emet will go willingly, and sometimes combat will be unavoidable. Just remember, dead men cannot speak, and combat in Anu'dora will be quick, with a greater emphasis on emotes and actions. Combat is not how you can deal with everyone how. Interrogation and talking will play a much larger role. How you talk to a suspect or witness, what questions you ask, can affect what you get from them.


And sometimes, there is no one to talk to and you have to investigate the area. To do this, your character will ned to be perceptive, with those adept and notcing their surroundings more useful than those that simply stomp around. Before each event, any new Wardens to the storyline will be asked for their strength of perception and senses, not limited just to sight, but also touch, taste, hearing and smell. When looking for clues, these scores (out of 5) will be combined with a roll and most importantly your location to help reveal what clues your character has noticed.


Anu'dora is certainly an experiment of a kind. A storyline focused on words not swords. Something to compliment our existing ones and give Wardens such as Fellows a chance to show their skillset. Looking for something new, different and a bit more mysterious? Anu'dora may be for you.

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