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re: Wardens of the Summertide.


Greetings all and welcome to the Wardens of Azeroth website. Here you can find many of the Wardens most useful resources from information about the guild itself, our stories, lore discussions, RP guide directories - you name it! We honestly can't wait to get you involved with it all but a pre-warning all of it will lead to having a great time in-game roleplaying with us (sorry?) image

So for those of you not familiar with the website homepage posts we tend to showcase our stories, projects, news etc and at the end of it if you like what you see you can hit that awesome looking 'Apply Here' header at the top of the page and start your adventure with us. Joining Warcraft is one thing, but joining the Wardens is a whole different adventure - be sure not to shy away when the joining process we have is so wholesome and enjoyable too. We want you with us. 

Lets hit some stories then! 

A New Light.

"The Wardens have located the whereabouts of a weapon stolen by a group of necromancers. It lies inside of a Necropolis within Zul'drak. At the same time the hunters of the Grizzly Hills suffered attacks from strange 'shadows'. After closer investigation the Wardens found these 'shadows' to be undead under the control of ten dark horseman. Many people have been taken to Zul'drak for an unknown purpose. Our heroes now have the lead from a girl called Emily who said she saw the undead take her friends into Zul'drak via a staircase in the North of the Hills. 

One thing is certain so far: These undead are brutal and display no remorse in killing, hanging and burning people.

Looking to create a more complex, morally dubious and darker story that usual. Hope the Wardens enjoy and lets see if I don't **** this one up." - Malcador/Ferelden. 

The Ashen Wake.

For thousands of years the Legion have sent agents and armies to crush Azeroth, but each time the will of it's inhabitants have sent the Legion back into the recess' of the Nether. That will is now the target, friends will turn on each-other and the very world will be made into a weapon of chaos. The bolstered forces of the Fel Iron Cells are igniting the bonds that band us together, and the Wardens will have to pick up the debris left in their Ashen Wake. 

Back to the basics, there are innocent lives that need the Wardens of Azeroth. 

Xarian Campaign.

The Eredar Xaria has led her forces against hundreds of primitive worlds. Breaking from usual aggression of the Legion, her army is small but highly trained, winning countless planets with her military tactics. Now she s ordered against a world used to facing her demonic kind, a world hardened by war. With a highly limited number of troops and resources at her disposal, Xaria's campaign on Azeroth will take her across the planet in search of any advantage she can claim, bringing her face-to-face another small band of the world's protectors, the Wardens of Azeroth.

Madness of Many.

The Wardens find themselves heading further down the rabbit hole in their chase for the manipulative Necromancer, Kora'thil. For now the Wardens seem to be at a dead end as information on him dries up. Stay tuned!


This post will be updated with more stories and projects over the next week. For now we wish you a fantastic time and we will see you in the game! 







Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
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