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Karinia DuLey

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re: XC - Allies Mechanics


Guild Allies



What are Guild Allies?

The Wardens have for a long time had two wings, diplomacy and combat. Being World of 'War'Craft, naturally, the combat wing tends to be the more active. However, the Wardens have made allies across Azeroth, sometimes individuals, sometimes representatives of large groups.

Allies intend to play a larger part in the Xarian Campaign, the foe the Wardens will find themselves up against will be too much for themselves to handle head on, and with major military forces on the Broken Isles, the time will come when the Wardens need help.

The concept of returning to and expanding upon Guild Allies are due to the following reasons:

-Challenge the diplomacy wing more and allow characters choosing that path to lead the way

-Combine the progress the Wardens have made previously with allies from many storylines to proper alliances, rather than see once, never again

-Develop a network of intelligence to help the Wardens locate the Xarian Demons

-Allow DMs or NPC creators to progress their NPCs without needing full storylines

-Give the Wardens more aid combat-wise, without encroaching upon large military forces

-Give each zone or ally a different feeling, so no zone feels the same to fight in


How do we recruit Guild Allies?

For zones with already established allies, the Wardens will still need to contact them in order to ask for information or assistance against the Xarian Demons (when the Wardens have established the threat). This does not a specific event, but someone knowing these allies will need to make contact.

Other zones will require an event to visit. Almost every zone has potential allies, and the Wardens will need to assist the potential allies before an alliance is agreed upon. The difficulty of recruiting allies will vary on different zones. Some zones will be nearly impossible work with, some allies may ask the Wardens to do something immoral and uncomfortable. On the flip-side, some zones will be eager to help.

If the Wardens wish to send individuals on diplomatic missions outside of usual event times, they can, to establish potential allies in a zone or depending on the zone's difficulty, attempt solo diplomacy.

(If you have ideas or wishes for allies in a zone, let me know. If you also do not wish an NPC you made to be used, let me know)


What zones have Guild Allies?

Almost every zone on the world map has potential allies. Note the Xarian Campaign does not include Outlands or Draenor. Allies are based on speciic zones, if it is a different zone on the map, it will have different allies.

There are 10 zones without potential allies:

-The 8 starting zones of the Humans, Dwaves, Night Elves, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Forsaken and Blood Elves. These zones have such a strong military presence the public believe in their armed forces to protect them and do not require aid.

-The 2 PvP zones of Wintergrasp and Tol Barad (combat area). I have little reason IC why, the OOC reasons should be obvious. At the very least, they are war zones.


What are the intelligence benefits of Guild Allies?

When an alliance has been reached, allies will inform the Wardens on:

-Any former presence of the Xarian Demons before the Wardens alliance in their zone

-Any current presence of the Xarian Demons in their zone

-Any current presence of the Xarian Demons in neighbouring zones

This knowledge will arrive at the Wardens by the Guild Meeting on Tuesday. The Xarian Demons will have a few teams scattered over Azeroth, and can stay in a zone from varying times, depending on their purpose.

Neighbouring zones is quite specific:

-You must be able to reach the zone on foot from the allies' zone. For example, from Crystalsong, allies will tell you about trouble in Dragonblight, Zul'Drak and Storm Peaks, however not Icecrown or Wintergrasp (if it was valid).

-Redridge is a special case as it has a path from Burning Steppes to Swamp of Sorrows, however this path is not accessible from Redridge itself on foot. Therefore, Redridge does not border Swamp of Sorrows. It does have a path into Burning Steppes. Swamp of Sorrows and Burning Steppes do not connect and are not neighbours.

-Islands will only be classed as neighbours if you can get from one to another without gaining fatigue.


What are the combat benefits of Guild Allies?

Every ally (or every zone) will have a different buff to the Wardens. This buff is meant to indicate the additional combat might of having allies at your back, while some buffs may also benefit race and class, to show your race/classes benefit to fighting in this region.

While every buff is different, here are some examples of different styles:

-Combat Ally is a style where an NPC ally will accompany you in combat. They are assigned to a player who can emote and mark them, effectively giving that player two characters to fight with.

>Eg: In Storm Peaks, Blanyir will accompany a melee character. As well as fighting with them, whenever Blanyir or the character do not roll over 90, they both gain a stacking +10 on their offensive rolls. This increases until one rolls over 90, when the stacks are reset.

-Class buffs are tied to your class, or more specifically, what class your character relates to most, not the OOC class you have chosen.

>Eg: In Val'Sharah, Rossi's luck allows players to reroll any roll under 10 once per event. With their natural affiliation, Druids, Monks and Shamans can reroll at all times. DKs cannot reroll.

-Race buffs are tied to your race, just like class.

>Eg. In Hillsbrad Foothills with the worgen, all characters get +20 do their first attack. With their skills at ambushing and hunting, worgen or stealth classes gain +40 to their first attack.

On top of these benefits, each zone has a militia (see below). All obtained guild ally buffs will be in a different thread.

There is a special bonus for DMs or NPC creators. If you wish you may control your Guild Ally as a Combat Ally, on top of the buffs.

(If you do not like the benefit applied to your NPC, let me know.)


What are militias?

Militias are the miltary force in a zone. Raher than standing armies like Stormwind or Orgrimmar, these forces are either not large, or not well trained, or both. Thy are simply the nameless NPCs willing to fight alongside the Wardens.

Militias will distract Xarian Demons, pinning their forces or tying up other squads in the area. They have no official attacks (these are tied into the zone-wide buffs) but the strength and number of the militia will show how long they can occupy demonic forces.

Militias thereforce allow the Wardens to deal with being outnumbered, and can allow them the time they need to instigate their strategy.

Note, Militias, like all Karinia's created NPCs do not have 'plot armour', meaning they can be killed. The militia's however will generally take the Warden's advice as to when to engage in combat, so can be used as reinforcements rather than an initial assault.



Explore zones to establish alliances, to acquire intelligence information and combat buffs for that zone. Buffs are explained at the start of each combat session. If in doubt, do what you normally do.

Karinia DuLey

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Joined: 21 Oct 2015
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re: XC - Allies Mechanics


Milita Note

In the XC - Allies Perks I noted the strength of the various militia's and I wanted to clarify:


-The name militia is not what I would refer to all, it is simply the bad of people that come together to defend -their- home. Militia's don't leave their region, they protect it, they don't fight wars.


-The high/medium/low combat skill of the defenders can be summed up like so:

>High = Trained fighters (such as the Paladins in EPL)

>Medium = People with some combat skill or with more primitive styles (such as the hunters of Grizzly Hills or Furbolgs)

>Low = People without any training, simply picking up a sword to defend their home


-The high/medium/low numbers only show a portion of the zone. I wanted to clarify more on this:

>High = Most of the zone are fighters. If you read the Perks you will find only two current completed zones with High counts. Grizzly Hills -would- fall under this category if recent events had not occured.

The two other zones are Storm Peaks and Stormheim, both vrykul filled regions. You may also notice any militia support from them is locked. Diplomacy may allow it to be opened, but linking back to Gerrond's recent post it is important to understand that these forces would see no need to work with the Wardens.

To this end, you are unlikely to see any regions with a High military presence eagerly work with the Wardens. I am not using regions like Elwynn or Durotar, but if I were, they would not work with the Wardens.

Grizzly Hills (even though currently not High) is a special case, a 4-month diplomatic process to acquire such alligiences.  To this end, regions with a High count of military would prefer to take action themselves.

It is also worth noting that Xaria is not a fool. She understands her extremely limited resources and knows embroiling herself in zones with high military numbers is not worth the hassle. Open warfare has never been her way. It is up to the Wardens to realise this.

>Medium = These make up most of your generic zones. If a zone has two towns or so, then it's guard force would fall under Medium.

>Low = These are the zones with basically no standing guards, normally because they lack any settlements.

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