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Karinia DuLey

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re: The Xarian Campaign


The Xarian Campaign


What is the Xarian Campaign?

The Xarian Campaign, coming next month (June) aims to be a new style of storyline for the Wardens. It aims to pick up on the most successful parts of previous storylines and storytelling to create a brand new adventure for the Wardens.

Unlike previous series, the Xarian Campaign is not story-driven. Barring the start and any additions I feel necessary, there will not calendar invites to zones based on information transfered without RP. Instead, the Wardens will pick a zone to investigate, nothing being forced, simply their own pick.

This is an Azeroth-wide Campaign, every single zone on Azeroth will have a potential storyline to explore, allies to find, demons to defeat and if Gerrond has his way, prisoners to save.


Who are our friends and foes?

The main foes of the Xarian Campaign are a small group of demons under the command of the Eredar, Xaria and her two commanders, Valis and Harken. Unlike the Legion they serve, their forces are not limitless, and this adds to one of the main points of the storyline. While they numbers and resources are finite however, hey are organised and well versed in combat.

They will, however, not be everywhere. This relatively small group of demons is limited by their own numbers. Each week, they will spend some times in a few zones, gathering resources, souls or addtional numbers. Finding them will not be easy.

That does not mean that other zones do not have their own issues. As mentioned, every region could do with the Wardens help, and almost every zone will have potential allies to help the Wardens, with combat and information. Some of these friends will take some convincing though, so our diplomatic wing sould be ready.


What are the OOC Aims?

Warden's Choice

This storyline focuses more on the Warden's actions rather than preset events. Across five continents, the Wardens can go anywhere. Some zones will be a success, some a failure. How they choose to progress through will effect the outcome. Come June/July, I will be able to attend the Guild Meetings more and plan progress there, rather than the start of an event.

Smart and Strong Enemies

Few of the Xarian Demons are pushovers, the power of the demons will go back to their roots. Felguards will be the strong front line, Wrathguards will be the elite guards. Inquisitors and Jailers will be limited in their role. Xaria has chosen the demons she uses carefully. In a straight forward battle, the chance of Warden victories will be lower. Not that the Wardens do not have any advantage.

I will go into numbers in more detail in a later thread, but Xaria cannot achieve victory with her forces constantly together. Between building and managing a base, she will have to be careful to balance her forces. Stretch them across too many zones, they are too weak in combat. Play things too safe and she gives the Wardens time to build up a coalition of resistance.

A Resource Battle

Xaria has arrived on Azeroth with litle supplies, expecting no help from the main Legion force. Everything she has is finite. In a later thread, I will detail her troop numbers. When one dies, it does not come back. While it is possible she can locate replacement across the zones of Azeroth, recruiting, gearing and training takes time, time which the Wardens can use to hurt her.

Resources are not limited to troop numbers. She needs souls to power devices, equipment to replace damages and materials to build up a base. When she takes some of her forces to a zone, she is not simply attacking a zone, but taking from it what she needs.

This resource battles means that she can easily swap from an offensive role to having to play defesenive after a single lose, like a real war.

Zone Spotlights

Carmtan's spotlight stories were a welcome addition, short self contained stories. Without the presence of Xaria's demons, they will be reappearing here. If the demons are not in a zone, other short stires will present themselves. The Wardens afterall are not here just to fight demons and cults, and nearly every zone will have some appreciating their help.

This will also be a chance for any budding DMs that want to create an event in a zone, but never know how to get the story started. You could create a short story for a zone and help the Wardens develop relationships with someone of your own design.

Guild Allies

I will be expanding the Guild Allies map soon, as the idea of allies will play a big role in this campaign. The Wardens simply cannot beat these demons alone. Each zone will have potential allies to recruit, a good use of the Warden's diploatic wing. These allies can then in terms help the Wardens, giving them information, such as whether Xaria has/is nearby, as well as providing unique combat buffs or NPCs to assist the Warden's fighting. More of this on a later thread.

Some zones may even have enough allied numbers to have a  militia of npcs to help the Wardens fight. Overall the aim is to make the Wardens feel strong with help at their backs. They are not alone, and they are stronger together.

These allies will also try and be more memorable, like Rarg/Mawa, or Ren/Genora. Afterall, interesting characters make the world feel more alive.

A Chance to Step Up

With such a veriety in events, this is your chance for your character to take the lead. They will be uses for military tactics or diplomacy, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Azeroth is so big, every character will find some zone they excel in. Ultimately, what we all want is a way to help our character's grow. Stuck in the wilderness, this could be your hunter's chance to step up. Trying to convince potential neutrals of the Warden's intention, this could be your time to shine.

Action Emphasis

For a while, low rolls have always been annoying. Sometimes, having to DM a character slipped is just silly. In the Xarian Campaign, the emote you make (both for attacking and defending) will matter more than the roll itself. Ultimately, you should play your character more than a /roll.



What is to come?

In the coming weeks on the forums, in preperation for the start of the Xarian Campaign, you can expect:

-In depth continent maps detailing current Guild Allies.

-How Guild Allies will function OOC including unique combat benefits.

-Xaria's full troop numbers, their equipment and backstory.

-More addition's to Xaria's diary as this strategic thinker turns her attention to Azeroth.

-A full soundtrack list. Every continent will have it's own out-of-combat theme, themes for demon and non-demon enemies and boss themes.

-Short Story, The Fall of Grilanan.


How can I get involved?

The easiest way, just come to the Guild Meeting and events. If you do not care about the OOC workings on how this campaign will play out, just see it from your character's eyes.

If you want to go more in depth, read the forum threads. As the campaign starts, feel free to add your own IC investigation, thoughts and so forth, remember these forums can be IC as well as OOC.

If you have an idea for a zone, a short story, a potential ally or want the chance to spotlight something special, contact me. I may be running this but for it to be a success, we need ideas from all over the guild.



Karinia DuLey

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Joined: 21 Oct 2015
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re: The Xarian Campaign


How does Xaria's recruitment and training work?


The core storyline of this campaign is Xaria's resources. She starts with almost no resources and her troops are not infinite.  Think of it like an old Warcraft game, she has to go to regions and spend time there, acquirign what she needs.

For example, if she needed lumber, she would need to go to any forest. If she needed new weapons and armour, she would have to acquire them by mining or ransacking a town known for smithing. This need for resources means some zones become more valuable than others, but every zone has some unique flare to it. Every zone has the potential to have something valuable. Deciding what Xaria might need next is a chance for the Wardens to choose their progression.

In terms of recruitment, Xaria or one of her Commanders must spent the alloted time in a zone where they type of demon exists, as a generic NPC in the PvE game. This means newer demons like Inquisitors can only be found in rarer locations. Named NPCs are not recruitable, only the generic ones. Xaria or her Commander can recruit one unit per week they spend there. If multiple Commanders are there, multiple units can be recruited.

In terms of training, Xaria or one of her Commanders must stay with that recruit at their base. Multiple recruits can be trained at once. Once training is complete, that unit becomes an offical Xarian demon.

In complete recruits can be fought at Xaria's base. They gain no benefits from Xaria's buffs and only ever have one attack.


What if we go to a zone without Xaria's Demons?


Fear not, every zone (outside of those listed) on Azeroth has a short storyline to accompany it, a way to help the locals and potentially gain their assistance. The enemies in these zones may vary from brigands, to undead or to whatever.

There are currently three non-demonic bosses prowling zones. These three side-storylines cover multiple set zones and their boss will appear in each of these zones. If you defeat one of these bosses, word of your victory will spread to all zones terrorised by the boss you slew and each zone will freely ally with you at being asked.

If Xaria's demons are in a zone, they will automatically put the non-demonic storyline on hold. Xaria will also take note of regions the Wardens tend to frequent in other guild storylines and unless required will tend to avoid such active zones.


When does it start?


Xaria has arrived on Azeroth and begun creating her first base. The Wardens will encounter her influence starting tonight, at Karinia's ordinary housewarming party.

After that, there will be an event a week, startign with a short set of set events to get the Wardens started before moving to the free-for-all phase of the campaign.

If the Wardens choose not to visit any zone during a week, the campaign still progresses. However, the Wardens are small and stretched thin with many other requests for their aid. The question is how important is Xaria?




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