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re: Hearthstone Lore


"It started in the inns and taverns, and the sight was always the same: two players studying the game board intently, laying down cards, smiling or snarling as they won or lost. Crowds soon gathered to watch. The game's popularity surged, and before long, you could find Hearthstone game boards all across Azeroth. You'd see players in cities, in merchant convoys, on ships at sea, in barracks and tents within military outposts. You've probably even spotted a few games in your garrison shortly after you arrived on Draenor."

Hearthstone may be it's own game, but it is tied into Warcraft Lore. How much of it is real? It can be hard to tell. We do however have some information of how this game fits into the world. We do know it is a real game, stored in the box from the Hearthstone menu screen, played in inns or elsewhere. Players take the role of heroes and villians of Azeroth's past, playing minions designed by a vast range of creators.


Classic Hearthstone

Classic is maybe where we have the most concrete lore. Afterall, at this point, it was entrely based on Warcraft, every Legendary, Hero, Spell and Minion at some point existed in the world. We also got the Innkeeper's diary, written by the mysterious Harth Stonebrew, a dwarven innkeeper.

"It's not easy to find. Most visitors can't tell you how they got there. A squad of orcs will say they stumbled in off the streets of Orgrimmar during an unseasonable storm. A caravan of gnome traders might claim they slogged through the Swamp of Sorrows for days before finding the inn in the middle of nowhere.

All around the inn's common room, you will find stories of hard travels, tough fighting, and dangerous adventuring, of digging through snowed-out mountain passes and trudging across unforgiving desert plains.

There is one constant: all found the inn when they needed it most, when they thought they couldn't walk another step or face another day. They discovered the right inn at the right time.

It doesn't matter what faction they represent, what world they hail from, whether they walked into the common room alone or with a group, whether they're unarmed or clad in the finest armor. There to greet them all is innkeeper Stonebrew, the dwarf with a twinkle in his eye and quick hands that can top off a mug and slide it into your grasp before you sit down. If you're looking for a game of Hearthstone, he'll find you an empty seat. If you want to learn how to play, he'll sit across from you and walk you through a friendly match. If you want to watch others compete, he'll lead you to a spot with a view. Whatever you need to warm your soul or soothe your worries, he'll provide.

Just don't cause any trouble."

Harth Stonebrew seems mysterious. His inn is almost timeless, he is strong and the closest thing we have to the creator of the game. It is possible he created this game, and allows others to create cards to expand it's world, while he helps anyone in need learn the rope, or be the judge in grand matches.



The first expansion played it safe as well. Creatures and leaders from Naxxramas appeared. Because of this, we can safely assume that Harth, or more likely adventurers who ventured through Naxxramas back in Wrath, told stories of this adventure and cards were created that night in the Inn.


Goblins vs Gnomes

The first expansion to create new 'lore', in perhaps the safest way. Lore of this expansion is known, goblins and gnomes, eager to prove their superiority, sent designs to the Inn to turn into cards. These designs were suitably wild and wacky. Other non-engineering cards were added, potentially designs in the making after Classic was released.

GvG also created the first 'Hearthstone Character' besides the Innkeeper, Annoy-o-Tron. This card, a mechanical designed to be extremely annoying has been created by gnomish inventors, but considering it's creator was expelled from Ironforge, it is likely they don't like to talk about it.


Blackrock Mountain

This expansion is almost identical to Naxxramas, nothing really new was added, and likely based on exagerated tales of Blackrock told by adventurers finding their way to the Inn.


The Grand Tournament

This expansion is almost entirely full of fake 'lore'. It started with a night in the Inn, tales of the Argent Tournament and the Lich King's attack. It moved on, what if there was to be another tournament. Who would turn up for the fun? Ideas were thrown around and participants in this strange and fun imaginaryl tournament.


League of Explorers

This expansion, widely considered the best, was a step forward in Hearthstone's Lore, as it stepped away from the safety of Warcraft raids into it's own storyline. An adventure, it followed the steps of four explorers from the Explorer's League. Brann Bronzebeard was one, but the other three were all unheard of before.

Elise Starseeker, a Night Elf explorer, smart and studious. While Brann may be the League's leader, it seemed she was the real person keeping everything under control.

Reno Jackson, a Human treasure hunter. Cocky, gold-loving and at it's core a scoundrel, it seems his luck at surviving the trouble he finds himself in is what has kept him in the League.

Sir Finley Mrrrglton, a murloc explorer having acquired a british accent. Your traditional Victorian adventurer, Sir Finley is the -first- Hearthstone creation to appear in Warcraft, you can find him in Stormheim, giving you quests.

Personally, I'm disappointed Reno and Elise didn't appear. There are Explorer's League camps in each Legion zone, having them in one camp would not have been hard, but it is what it is. Elise as it turns out is doig something else during Legion, and Reno...maybe he's trying to get rich.


Whispers of the Old Gods

Unlike previous expansions, this one was a not announced to the world by Harth Stonebrew, but by a troll mystic (or as her shadow showed, a naga siren). It was an imaginiing of the world corrupted by the Old Gods. Something Harth would create? Unlikely, but what if the Twilight's Hammer remnant, beaten by their loses, wanted to at least imagine what the world could have been.

This expansion did feature two confirmed sections of Hearthstone Lore in Warcraft's setting. Firstly, Ragnaros, Lightlord, a card similar to Ragnaros the Firelord (but with his healing instead of damage, complete with LIVE INSECT!). This card inspired some questions as to what Hearthstone's Lore was, and it was confirmed Ragnaros was an inn patron's imagining as Ragnaros standing up against the Old Gods in this scary imaginary world.

Secondly, and perhaps the biggest leap in Warcraft Lore from Hearthstone was the appearance of Y'Shaarj and N'Zoth in artwork. Y'Shaarj had never been seen alive by people living now, and N'Zoth had never appeared before. Who created these cards? Was it the Twilight's Hammer, or something more serious, something that has seen N'Zoth, even in their mind.


One Night in Karazhan

Hearthstone's last adventure, this is a mixture of imaginary events and real events. Medivh had parties in Karazhan, this is obviously well known. So around the Inn it was asked, what if Medivh threw a great bash before his demise, before the Orcs, before everything bad. What if everyone was invited. It is a mix of post-Medivh death (with Shade of Aran and other bosses), but with some pre-Medivh death (Moroes and Barnes are alive).

Likely, it is a mashup of adventurers from the Burning Crusade giving their thoughts, but also that dream of what Karazhan parties were like.

Karazhan did find it's way into Warcraft's Lore with the new dungeon. After Opera, you will find backup dancers for Medivh's house-band, the Medivas, who will attack you with the two most complained spells from the expansion, the weak Purify and overpowered Fireland's Portal.


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Another expansion bound to be imaginary, but has a hint of truth. The concept is in the back streets of Gadgetzan, three gangs have set up shop. The Grimy Goons, led by Don Hon'Cho (an orge), The Kabal, led by Kazakus (a troll) and the Jade Lotus, led by Aya Blackpaw (a pandaren). While these gangs ae surely not as technologically advanced or as big as they appear in Hearthstone, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that a goblin town like Gadgetzan has rival gangs set up in it, especially since Mayor Noggenfogger is currently not in Gadgetzan, he is in Dalaran.


Journey to Un'Goro

I can't say much for this expansion, as it isn't fully released. However it draws back upon the League of Explorers (this expansion will also see the end of League of Explorer cards in the standard game mode), as new explorers head to Un'Goro. Elise is back, leading not the likes of Sir Finley or Reno, but her junior explorers. What a way to get into archaelogy?!

Did Elise really go to Un'Goro? Nothing is confirmed yet, but it isn't beyond the realms of possibility. I for one would like to see Elise appear in Warcraft, she appears to have been chosen as one of Hearthstone's mascots, and because of this, I truely believe she must be real.


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