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re: The Warden's 8th Birthday!''


Eight years ago to this month the Wardens of Azeroth were created (19/11/2010). Sometime between the Cataclysm and when the once teeming empire of Goldshire fell. It was from a few guilds that we merged together to make the foundation of this guild. The Alliance Protectors and one of many redo guilds Carmtan fancied making that year (Order of the Watchers at that point). Humble beginnings as we headed out into the unknown.

The Venture Co was alone at that point and the RP started to decline on the realm so it was pretty hard to really see where the Wardens of Azeroth were going to go. But hey I liked the name, it actually used capital letters and we had a cool ass black tabard with a gold crest that probably suited my gear at the time so - what the heck! Little did we know that what we would be creating, laying the brick-work for would actually become my favourite part of my favourite game that I have played nearly non-stop for 10-12 years of my life. 

This year at Blizzcon and I suppose every year they hammer down on the point that the community is a family, the Blizzard Gaming community. Each time it was said I don't know about you all but I thought of the Wardens. Logging in and looking up the roster to find out which of you weirdos I could say hey to, it's kept me playing the game.

Just over a third of my life has been spent with you and that is a very humbling thing. What we've made here is something incredibly special to me and I truly hope to every single one of you aswell. I say this every year but it means no less to me - this guild is here because of all of you. Eight years ago we didn't know if the Wardens would stand the test of time because we didn't have all of you. Now that we do.. Well I think I speak on behalf of the Wardens to confirm that this guild here, our family of remarkable people - there is no way we are going anywhere. 

It's about you. So you should get to decide what we spend this next month doing to celebrate. We have had some awesome ideas batted around such as interviews of our members that other members get to submit awesome questions for, IC voice chats and i'm even thinking of running a voice-chat D&D session based on a memorable point from our past but as your own characters even if you weren't there. 

So. How do you want to do this? Who is up for being interviewed? What do you want to spend this month doing? No matter how insane the idea - lets see if we can make it happen. There is no way to truly thank all of our members for everything you all do for this family but lets see if we can get close to it. Happy birthday WARDENS OF AZEROTH! 

Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
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