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re: App: Sebgolas

The application submitted by Sebgolas is as follows:

In Character Questions (to your character):

What is your name?:

From which race do you hail?:

How old are you?:
37 years

What qualities do you have that you feel will make you suitable as a member of the Wardens of Azeroth?*:
I salute you, noble Wardens of Azeroth. I am a paladin from the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand. I do not wish to write very extensively but would merely like to tell you something about myself in the hope that I can be accepted into your guild.

I was born in Lordaeron. My father was a soldier and a member of the guard of King Terenas and my mother was a priest of the Holy Light. They both died when the plague of undeath and the Scourge decimated the kingdom. I was just a boy when I found myself an orphan and refugee flying to Kalimdor with the rest of the survivors of Lordaeron and the Alliance Expedition. It was then that I was taken under the protection of Commander Halford Wyrmbane of the Silver Hand. He taught me how to use the Holy Light as a force against the evil that was infesting our world.

I was too young and inexperienced to fight in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, but I was in the encampment of the Great Alliance just before the battle. It was then when I had a brief encounter with whom was, at the time, the chieftain of the orcish Frostwolf clan. He told me that even though we appear different on the outside, we all shared the same motivation to be fighting on that day: we all wanted to be in a world that was free from fear, a world that we could call our home, a world where we could feel safe. Those words have stayed with me ever since and have guided my efforts to fight evil and bring the blessing of the Holy Light to those who live in fear.

Despite recent events, I firmly believe that one day all the inhabitants of this world might be able to put aside their differences and live in peace. If we fight fear, including our own, rather than fighting each other, we will all be able to find a place that we can call home. The sins of those who use their power to promote war and destruction should not make us forget that there is goodness in every one of the races of this world —the goodness of the Holy Light.

I would like to be part of your guild so that together we can fight to protect those who live under the shadow of fear.

Out of Character Questions (to you as the player):

How much roleplaying experience do you have? (None at all is acceptable if you are honest).:
This would be my first proper RP experience and I'm keen to learn. I do, however, have a good knowledge of the lore of the game as I'm a big fan of the WoW literature. I've read several of the novels as well as the three chronics.
I very much hope I can join the guild!

Do you agree to the Guild's Roleplaying and Behavior Policy?:

By answering 'Yes' here, you have understood that the first four questions are to your character, and the last three to you as the player.:

What is your in-game character's name and realm? e.g. Elwood-Defias Brotherhood. :


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re: App: Sebgolas


PMed on the website and added in game! Really awesome writing techniques and the effort you put into the application shows magnificently. Just a few things I want to go over before we move on in the recruitment process :)


Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
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