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re: Desperation


Two Weeks Ago


'Miss Devine!' Michael yelled as he pushed open the door, making sure not to drop his wooden chest. If he had not been as accustomed to the smell outside the shack, he would have recoiled. Devine had never cared much for the state of her living space but since he returned to Kul Tiras, she seems to have decorated it with even more rubbish.

As he stepped further in, a woman suddenly stepped out in front of him. Perhaps it was the long journey, or the constant looking over his shoulder, but he had not noticed her. The tall woman stared down at him, grey eyes looking into his. He instictively pulled his little wooden chest closed to him.

'Sister Browne, please, let our rude guest have a seat,' came the voice he had came to see. Browne stepped aside and he saw Devine, a hood over her haid, sat in a blanket-covered chair next to the fireplace. She pointed to the chair the other side of her table and he obliguied, turning the seat to look at her older form directly.

'I forgot how cold it was out there. And I thought the ocean breeze was-' he started.

'What is it you want Michael? I am a busy lady,' she interrupted.

'You never used to be. I never saw you with anyone when you trained me.'

'Times change. There was a time my magi student listened to me. I warned you the pirates you joined would be trouble.'

'The real trouble,' he grimaced, 'was that prisoner we had, and those mainlanders who interfered.'

'And now you need my help to?' she asked.

'Protect me. The Irontide know we messed up. If they find out I survived, you've got to hide me.'

'I assume then,' she said as she leaned in closer, 'the box is payment.'

Michael nodded and placed his wooden chest on the table. He pulled the lid back and slide it over to Devine. The older woman went to take what was inside before calling over her companion. Miss Browne hovered her hand over the box briefly before plunging her hand inside.

Her face contorted as Michael could see the pain rushing through her body. He thought she might let go, but instead the woman lifted the red leather rod out of the box. Black veins covered her hand, growing over her body. Slowly, her hand grew less black as the blood stopped racing through, her once pained face managing to handle the agony the rod gave out. Miss Browne stared at the rod before dropping it back in the box it came from.

'It is a deal then. Sister Browne, please tell the others to meet me in here.'

Browne left the shack and Michael leaned back in his chair, breathing a sigh of relief.

'You never used to have this much company, what happened?' he asked.

'Times are changing. They are better students than you, and we add more everyday,' she finally replied, timing it almost to perfection as Browne re-entered. She walked up to Devine and whispered in her ear. Devine nodded and got up, taking her walking stick and making her way to the door.

'So, you will keep me safe?' Michael asked, turning to face her and getting to his feet.

'Oh yes. The Mother will make sure the Irontide never find you,' she replied as Michael felt the pain of the red leather rod strike his back, his veins darkening in front of him as he felt his limbs go limp and collapsed into a coma.

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