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re: Kari's BfA Levelling Tips and Tricks



Kari's Levelling Tips and Tricks

This is list is spoiler free, the only potential spoiler is a video linked at the end which you don't have to watch if you don't want to, but I have included it because I feel you can watch it before playing in order to skip it when it does appear in game.


Before BfA

-Few real life things, like get some sleep, adjust sleep pattern, stock up on carb food (oats, bran, potatoes, pasta), citrus fruit or dark chocolate, and water.

-In game, sort out your bank and bags. Green items are useful for resources or enchanting mats in BfA so you will want to save everything. You'll also want some extra pieces of gear because...

-Plan your legendaries and set bonuses. In BfA you will very quickly get a necklace and your choice of head/shoulders/chest, these will always be better than your current. Therefore, don't lose a legendary or 4-piece because of it. You will also acquire more while questing, so plan around this. I for example will carry all 6 tier pieces and three legendaries, shoulders and ring, with bracers as backup. Most folks recommend the trinket, but it has been nerfed and I think it is harder to gather up mobs as folks think.

-Set your Hearthstone to the caravan in the north-west of Uldum. I am not sure whether you have to be in SW to get the initial quest, you could wait in Silithus or wait in SW. I am waiting in SW and will HS to as close to Silithus as possible. If you are staying in Silithus, get a guild cloak (SW teleport), always useful. I recommend keeping Warmode Off while visiting Silithus.

-Stock up on useful items. Flasks, food, potions. DPS food is likely best, potions a mix but dps ones work for most I am sure. Other useful items are goblin gliders and speed items, such as the spaceship you can ride from Antorus rares. Guild Banners also work to increase exp from mob kills and some treasures.

-Get a vendor mount and water walking mount.

-If you do not need to play your character on Sunday or Monday, get an hour of the Darkmoon Faire rep/exp buff and stay logged off until it is time for BfA.

-Depending on how much you care about being spoiled, watch all the cinematics. If you want a good balance, don't watch any except the one linked below. The cinematic I will link is the 'zone selection' cinematic, it describes what to expect in each zone, just like the zone text when you selected your first zone in Legion. Therefore I don't consider this cinematic that story focused and you could watch it now to save time and not ruin key story moments.


Starting BfA

-Like all expansions, you'll get a popup quest (no way of knowing if you have to be in SW or not). Head to Silithus (since everyone will be there, I'd turn Warmode Off) and eventually you will be returned to SW. Turn on Warmode (at midnight). Then it is time to head to Kul Tiras.

-After some work (which includes an unreleased cinematic), you will be at your new hub section of the city. Usual tour, eventually you will get to choose your zone. You will also have the option to start your war campaign and mission table usual stuff. I don't recommend doing the war camapaign but the mission table stuff is quick (there is no 1 minute mission, the first is an hour).


Zone Order

-The consensus is Drustvar is the hardest zone, Stormsong the easiest. Since you have better gear at the start, most folks recommend Drustvar → Tiragarde → Stormsong. This route is fine, however I feel Tiragarde has it's quests split into side quests earlier, reducing competition. Also, if everyone is told go Drustvar first, there will be more there. Basically, any order works, but you are best doing Drustvar not last, and Stormsong not first.

-When you complete a zone, return to Boralus, scrap all the greens you earnt (if you need bag space) and pick the next zone.



-Tiragarde is basically two mini zones, north and south. You'll head south, I recommend doing all side quests before the story quests (if they are on the south island). Don't board any boats before the side quests are done.

-Eventually you'll have nothing left but go north. If you encounter any quests to return south again (on Beta there was a single side quest), ignore these, stay up north until you finish the zone.



-Drustvar is less side quest focused, save for a large side quest near the end. As usual, do all side quests when you get them. Drustvar is split by a mountain range and getting over it is not easy. Therefore, complete all of the east first before you head to the west.



-Stormsong is much more open and full of side quests. Since this may be your last zone, do the main storyline first (and any nearby side quests). After this, there is a second main storyline as well as many side quests to cover the rest of the zone. How you work through them is up to you, you may be almost done.


Rares and Treasures

-Generally, Rares can be worth it if other folks are around, otherwise you can save them for endgame loot. Whenever you kill a rare be sure to have a guild banner down.

-Treasures don't give exp anymore.

-Another reminder, do not sell greens or rares you find. Save them for the scrapper or disenchanting.


Bonus Objectives

-These were not amazing on Beta, don't feel you must do them, but if you find you are completing them quick enough, go for it.


Group Quests

-All group quests are Wanted (3) quests, to kill a single mob. Because of the group status, you can use the group finder easily. Depending on gear, you will find them soloable until around 115 when you will need help, unelss you are a tank. However, because a group is so easy to find, always try to group up.

-There are a few group quests to ignore, if nothing else is around it, leave it, a few are in otherwise useless caves with tons of trash. I ignored them all by the time I got to Stormsong but Beta group finder was worse.



-Personally, I'm not doing this, but if you are a jewelcrafter and/or miner or have access to them, you can try looking for a red gem. If the JC has gotten to Kul Tiras, they can craft a 5% exp gem (unique) to socket. I think ore will be in high demand, this may be worth it if you care, I don't. If you happen to be a miner and JC on your main, grats to you, be sure to pick up the recipe.


Staying Awake

-If you are mad like me you will play for the full 24 hours. Some tips to stay awake:

-Eat small and often.

-Eat protein, carbs, citrus fruit or dark chocolate, or a mix.

-Don't eat non- dark chocolate sugar, you get a quick rush but will make you more tired after.

-If you drink coffee normally, do so. If you don't, stick to water.

-Get up and execise every hour or so. There will be times levelling you are watching rp, riding a gryphon or riding a boat, good times to get up and move.

-Talk to others, discord or community. I am sure I will be on discord voice.


Teamwork makes the Dream work

-Staying awake is hard. Besides exercising every hour, drinking and eating plenty, talking to folks is the best way to stay active and alert. It also works in game. Mathematically, the best way to level is a group size of 3 or 4, but 5 and 2 are still better than solo, as long as you have a buddy who will play at the same speed as you (and not afk), group up, at least until one of you needs bed.



-There are addons to help auto accept, auto sell, repair, skip cutscenes. I won't use any, but if you want to, get one.


Zone Selection Cinematic

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