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Lucas Holden

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re: App: Lucas Holden

The application submitted by Lucas Holden is as follows:

In Character Questions (to your character):

What is your name?:
Lucas Holden

From which race do you hail?:
Gilnean Human

How old are you?:

What qualities do you have that you feel will make you suitable as a member of the Wardens of Azeroth?*:
I am a warrior trained in melee combat - swords, axes, hammers, you name it - and I want to put my skills into good use. I believe that you, the Wardens of Azeroth, could use my talents, and in return point me in the right direction to where I am most needed.

I was born in Pyrewood Village, although I do not remember much of that time. A few years after my birth, work on the Greymane Wall started, so my family moved to live with my mother's relatives in Keel Harbor. There I grew up and began to hone my combat skills underneath the tutelage of a soldier veteran of The Second War. When the Worgen curse started to spread across Gilneas, my family and I were one of the lucky ones who hadn't been afflicted. Then, 5 years ago, when the Forsaken invaded Gilneas, our whole family fled by the sea to Stormwind City. My family now resides in the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest and I am journeying through Azeroth, offering my aid to anyone who needs it. After the events in Gilneas I have sworn to never flee from battle again.

Out of Character Questions (to you as the player):

How much roleplaying experience do you have? (None at all is acceptable if you are honest).:
Next to none, I used to play D&D in elementary school (that is 8 years ago now), but nothing since then.

Do you agree to the Guild's Roleplaying and Behavior Policy?:

By answering 'Yes' here, you have understood that the first four questions are to your character, and the last three to you as the player.:

What is your in-game character's name and realm? e.g. Elwood-Defias Brotherhood. :

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