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Karinia DuLey

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re: Village Project (First Draft Character Concepts)


While I still finish off the Beta levelling so I can find all the viable villages on Kul Tiras, I thought we could still begin creating characters.

This is a post for people to put out their initial ideas in a somewhat structured fashion. How I invisage creating characters is to create the person then work out relationships once more characters have been structured. As mentioned, this is a first draft and everything will change or be added to a bit (or a lot).

For this reason, you can be flexible in your characters name, mostly the surname and gender as well. Often the gender might be changed to fit a relationship or family better.

Here is my first draft for the Innkeeper:

Name: Renault/Renne 'Red' Hollis

Gender: Either

Appearance: Middle-aged to old, red hair/faint red hair

Profession: Innkeeper

Summary: Red's father was in navy and when Red was old enough, Red also signed up. Before Red's father's retirement, Red's father told Red he was going to take over an inn somewhere. During the final assignment, Red's father was killed and buried at sea. Red left the navy and set up the inn 'The Sailor's Wish' in memory of Red's father. A portrait of Red's father hangs behind the bar.

Red is a typical fantasy friendly innkeeper. With contacts in both the military (from their own and their father) as well as working class suppliers of food and drink from Drustvar and Stormsong, Red hears things and can either lead you to a type of person you seek, or someone with a better idea.

The inn is set up to accomodate military veterans and sailors, with retired armour on display, portraits and a piano in the corner, the inn very much has a old-timey feel but still a high quality establishment.


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re: Village Project (First Draft Character Concepts)


Name: James Tawny 



Gender: Male



Appearance: Young to Middle-aged. Blue eyes and brown hair, usually in some armour.



Profession: Night Watchman



Summary: James was set on his path at a young age when his family was burgled at swordpoint. Ever since that day, he set himself on the path to become a guard, wanting to make sure no one in the villages experiences what he did. He's a very careful and superstitious, getting a lot of that superstition from his mother, who also gifted him some of her knowledge about local flora and reagents.



James is a very kind, energetic, emotionally-driven and compassionate individual. He rarely strays too far from the village, and constantly holds a keen eye to the surroundings. It is - or rather he sees that it is - his responsibility to keep tabs on newcomers, check carts that are passing through, and keep an eye out for any dangers near the village.



He also has connections to his mother - a widow and medicine woman, and is well-known in the village. Always taking time to help someone with a heavy load or offer an ear. Many are of the opinion he needs to slow down and find a lady.

"Okay, rally caps. Personal life? Not strong. But I did beat up a HYDRA tentacle-monster-robot-thingie. So I got that going for me. Maybe I am getting the hang of this super-hero stuff. Sure my powers are a bit off, and I got into a fight in a sewer, but I'm totally--


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