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re: The Warden Village Project


Those that have known me for a while will realise I like to try and expand the box when it comes to roleplay, previously having planned at least some rather large world building projects. None of those have really come to pass, however for Battle for Azeroth I would like to try something smaller and grounded, in keeping with theme of both Kul Tiras and the Wardens. Having already had a number of Wardens express their support for the idea, I would like to present it here.


The Warden Village Project

The idea is to find a village or group of buildings on Kul Tiras and fill it with our own NPCs. Contary to what the name may suggest, the village is not created or run by the Wardens IC, but comes to represent a more detailed look at the local assistance the Wardens give. Whether it is protecting the townsfolk from pirates, repairing some damage from a storm or just providing income as you buy drinks at the bar, the village would take the place of areas in previous events we have used as a staging ground (Aerie Peak – Mashira, Vale of Eternal Blossoms – Kari, Amberpine Lodge – Carm), while having a shared character across multiple storylines, even if it is only used little in the series if at all.

The Village would not be bound to just combat or storyline themed events. One-offs that involve the before mentioned repairs or even just roleplaying there socially instead of the Blue Recluse would be options at any time. I have asked Gerrond before how the Wardens make money and one of those ways is donations from people they have helped. The villagers could represent those people.


Non-Player Characters

What is designed to seperate it from previous locations is to make it feel like a real place to get invested in. To do that I would like to build on the success of regular NPCs and their relationship from previous storylines. The Village would have NPCs that while created by our players could be controlled by any DM (or their creator, flexible control is a key part). These NPCs would not be the generic bland characters that exist in game, they would have a family and relationships that also are part of the village network. These NPCs would also have personality and even political alignments that can change as both the main storyline and Warden influence progress.



Simple two family duo.

Ken and Linda Ruffy, with daughter Mary and baby son Kevin. Ken runs the Inn, Mary works as a maid at the inn. Linda handles the Inn paperwork whilst also running a nursery.

Ryan and Maggy Finn, with son Paul and baby son Steven. Ryan works as a lumberjack, as does Paul. Maggy works as a chef at a minor noble's estate and baby Steven is looked after by Linda Ruffy during the day.

Now the intertwining:

Mary Ruffy is dating Paul Finn, who might regularly come to the inn in the evening and flirt with her. As Ryan and Maggy Finn both work for House Ashvane or a noble aligned with them, they favour her political style. Ken Ruffy's father however served in the Proudmoore Navy so has a strong national pride towards House Proudmoore.

While the more political stuff might apply more to storylines, simple character traits such as Paul's flirting with Mary or Ryan's attempts to out drink Mordoth suddenly make the place feel more alive and the characters more relatable.


Some New Roleplay

Any DM or aspiring DM will know that starting a storyline or even a one-off event is hard. Why should the Wardens help? This village can help provide a start. As people become invested in the growing storyline of the village, when it is threatened by enemies, even minorly, the Wardens can step up to help. And the threats do not have to be direct. Want to start a storyline about flesh eating zombies in a different region of Kul Tiras? Ken Ruffy contacts the Wardens asking them to look into why his shipments of sausages have stopped arriving.

If you are completely new to DM-ing and want to start small, create a couple of new NPCs for the village and dip your toes in the water.


Endless Possibilities

The Village by no means should touch every storyline, but it should be allowed to grow and evolve as time goes by. Everything the Wardens do can make it change, as it will change over the course of the entire BfA expansion. Even something as simple as finishing an unrelated event then going to the bar for some post-event RP can show the inquisitiveness of the villages and their thoughts on the Wardens and vice versa.


Location, Location, Location

When I have finished questing on the Beta I will post screenshots, names and locations of all villages or groups of buildings as a viable village location. These will be in a seperate thread, so don't worry about spoilers here. Once all the images are up, every Warden or friend that wants to can select a few villages of their choice. The highest voted village wins, though the choice can change when everyone has access to the village in game.

Location is important, does it have a dock? Which zone is it in? How central is it? What else is nearby? Location has to be what is selected first, location effects things such as the jobs of the NPCs as well as their political alignment, and even the name of the village.


What's in a name?

There are two options with the village. Either use an established village on Kul Tiras with the same name, or create our own named village. I am in favour of the later, as it means it is not bound to any lore other villages may be but I am up for either. If we create our new name, the location will play a part and obviously we will vote on the name.


The First NPCs

Rather than start with a mssive project, I'd like to keep it simple to start with. Between everyone that gets involved, we create around 8-10 NPCs, not counting children or NPCs that would not be regularly encountered (such as a family member currently at sea or in the military). As Azeroth is a gender balanced world work-wise, most jobs can be done by other gender, that it is a case of forming some relationships onces the bare bones are established. One of these NPCs should be the Innkeeper or Barman, a mainstay for all fantasy genres and the most important from an RP generating perspective.

I'd also like to limit these initial ones to on the more normal side and 90% human. Dwarven and gnomish villagers are possible, and in the future more races could be added but to begin with we want an authentic Kul Tiran feel. Again these are just the 8-10 initial NPCs the Wardens encounter whenever they first come across the village. Crazier people or other such more specific focused characters can be added after.


Introduction to the Village

How the Wardens come across the village depends on it's location and I am still not sure myself and would appreciate input once the location, name, NPCs have been established. We would encounter it relatively early in the BfA expansion but not as quickly as the exploration and camping event I have set up one week in.


Evolving and the future.

The aim of this project is not a one trick pony, it is designed to have NPCs, not Heroes (and like it or not, even low power level characters like the Wardens are still on the more heroic side than the average joes) that would not work as player characters but can work as a new way to explore the world, the story and the Warden's influence on it, while making Kul Tiras, which already is the most immersive region ever added to WoW imo, feel like a real place.

While the project would start as a Warden base and obviously still kept ties with, there is nothing against inviting friends or other server allies to visit and partake in the environment. Just remember, the village is run by the villagers in the form of a council, no player characters can ever claim ownership and if you ever wish to turn an NPC you created (or with permission someone else created) into a PC, they are still not rulers of the village.

And one last point about NPC ownership. Every NPC should be useable by anyone, in event or just casually unless there is a good reason not to, but please be courteous of NPCs created by others by keeping them to the same personality, livelyhood or whatever, certainly do not render them inactive or dead without prior permission but it is expected that these NPCs lack the same plot armour that the Wardens have. Basically, be smart about things.

If you're in doubt, I will be creating an in-game community when the pre-patch rolls around. This will feature channels exclusively for the village, such as a census, relationship lists, major events and new additions, everything you'd need to keep up to date.

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