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re: The Characters of Spirits of Duskwood

0 (A good song to read this to)



Image result for slavic mythology

The paper is labelled 'Duskwood investigation' and is written in oddly neat handwriting.

The Monsters of Duskwood


The Black Owl

A black feathered owl who rules the skies of Duskwood, delivering messages to the Wardens and taunting us with his words. He has the voice of a human man, and the ability to perfectly mimic any of our own. He has rarely contributed to combat, but attempts to catch him have failed.

Beware his words.

The Black Widow

A large black and red spider, with a laugh of a woman. This spider was spotted by Gerrond Blackthorne and Mashira Taelym. She has never fought us directly, but it is believed that she can summon smaller spiders to bite us, or, if Mashira is right, can even shrink in size. The spider's poison can weaken you, while the other spirits move to finish you off.

The White Wolf

A white wolf, that stands as tall as any of the Wardens. It seems to be able to move at incredible speed, and is quite strong. However, as shown by the efforts of Karinia, if can be lured away from the main area of combat. Further more, it posses the ability to summon the aid of other white wolves.

The Hooded Worgen

A worgen who collects the wooden hearts of those who owe debts to the forest. Our commander, Gerrond Blackthorne slew him, slicing off his hands and head. However, our commander believes he will return. The worgen's skin seems to be comprised of flesh and bark, and his lower right arm seemed to be entirely made of roots and wood. As well as creating wooden spikes that will burrow into the flesh of the Wardens, he seems to be able to shift to the form of a bird, though one made of bones and wood. The animals of Duskwood seem to be scared of him, so if the woods go silent around you and critters start running, he's on his way.

We know very little about these creatures, so be careful around them.


Possible Allies or Unknowns


A village wise-woman in her late eighties, she has given us knowledge regarding the wooden hearts, and helped Gerrond by supplying him with an antidote for the spider venom.

Baron Narov

We don't know much about him, only that he has self appointed himself and his men to be the 'cleansers of Duskwood'. The people don't seem to like him very much, but we've never met the man. He has been mentioned by the Black Owl, and his men have been attacked by the Hooded Worgen, but we do not know why.


That's all I have. Good hunting.





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