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re: Nebels


A thin, green, bony hand reaches out. Fingers crawling along the sheets, running over them. Soft. Comfy. Ankles flexing, bare toes rubbing against a blanket. Warm. Smooth. Nebels groans, opening one eye, the other scrunched up tight, weakly raising his arms to pull his patchwork fur cloak around his frail self - only to find that he's wearing a thin shirt. He looks down. White. Clean. Long ears twitching, he listens, looking up. Stone. Bubbling. A frightened look settles on his small face as he tries to jump to his feet, opening both eyes wide, but his infirm figure stumbles amongst the blanket and... squishy stone? Falling away from it, Nebels gives it a wary gaze, before giving it a timid poke. Words tumble through his mind as the Goblin eyes this bizarre object.

"Pe... Pe-el-ow" Yes, that's it. Safe. Pillows don't hurt.

"Yep, that's a pillow, lad."

Nebels lets out a little, shocked yelp, leaping at and then hiding behind his new favourite object. "No food! Nothing give! Lost clothes! Go away!" Covering his ears, he cowers, shakily reaching around the barricade to grab the soft thing that was on top of him, but being too afraid to look.

"I guess ya dinnae want this, then?" A clink of metal against clay is heard. Nebels pauses. Maybe a peek? If it's dangerous, he has a soft thing that he can throw over the scary thing. Yes, that seems safe! With his amazing plan... er... planned, Nebels peeks over his barricade, seeing a really short Human with long ginger hair. She holds a tray with some sort of bread-holding-meat thing and a plant, with a cup of water. Food. Drink. The little Goblin's stomach grumbles loudly.

"...Nebels want."

"A'rite then!" She places it on the other end of the bed, and stays there. "My name is Nissa."

"Hello Nissa."

She smirks, keeping her reassuring smile. "Hello. Yer going to stay here, ok?"

"Why?" Nebels looks at the plant and the Bread-and-meat-stack, moving his pillow-barricade forwards one step and shuffling up behind it. Ingenious!

"We're making sure yer a'rite first. Then yer can go. An' don't worry about yer things, they're right there."

Nebels shuffles up to his food, and then looks up at Nissa, following her stubby finger with his eyes to find himself looking at the bedside table. He notices something twinkle in the light, and scrambles up to the head of the bed on all-fours, and snatches it, gripping the reflective, fist-sized pebble in his hands, tightly, smiling to himself. It might not be his helmet, but it's enough for now.

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