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Mordoth Timire

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re: Langstrom


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The blizzard continued to rage on around the body. 2 hours earlier, Karinia du'Ley, a Warden of Azeroth, had ended Langstrom's life. She had paralysed him with a crossbow bolt, slicing his spinal cord. A few minutes after that, she had finished him off with a stab to the throat. Efficiently and calmly. It was oddly fitting that someone so high on Langstrom's list, the woman who had caused him to lose his legs and adopt his cycle of rage and pain, should be the end of him.

Now his body just stood there, completely upright in the snow. His fel green blood had dried up in the wound. A layer of snow now lay over his metal shoulders, and blood had dripped down over the runes that covered his armoured chest, and his right arm. The cracked mana crystal that sat in the centre of the elaborate suit that had kept him alive for the past months, through many battles against the Wardens, glowed lightly. Ice had began to coat the gears and pistons of his gnomish mechanical legs. But the legs stayed locked in an upright position. In the last two hours, they had not stumbled, or even twitched. It was unnatural sight, this suit of armour in the middle of the snow storm, with a dead worgen slumped inside it. 

Langstrom himself was not a pretty sight. His eyes, where once glowing balls of arcane and fel burned, now lay empty. The skin of his face and unarmoured left arm was covered with burns. Jagged scars crossed over his snout, and needle marks were dotted on his forearm. Ice clung to his fur, and an icicle now hung down from the crossbow bolt in the back of his neck.

For all his skill, strength and power, his obsession with the wardens had led to nothing. Not a single Warden lay dead, and he had lost everything. This was all he was now. A corpse, standing in the middle of a blizzard. 

An hour later, the body began to glow. The runes flared up, flicking through different colours. Fel green, void black, death knight blue, blood red... and finally settling on arcane blue.


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