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re: App: Ravejn

The application submitted by Ravejn is as follows:

In Character Questions (to your character):

What is your name?:

From which race do you hail?:

How old are you?:

What qualities do you have that you feel will make you suitable as a member of the Wardens of Azeroth?*:
For decades, all i saw was destruction. Countless battles echo through my hearth which makes impossible to voices to stop. I tried. I tried not to listen and almost become an estray. Then i decided my role in this lands should help the stop this destruction. But no, the battlefields made me experience more destruction. There should be a way. I've learned that i couldn't be an active warrior on battlefields.I even learned that i need to kill. Kill for greater cause the amount i my spirit tolerates.Numb battles aren't for me not for my path. I only fight to avoid greater battles. I sense that you help me to achieve that greater cause and i can help you with all my heart.

Out of Character Questions (to you as the player):

How much roleplaying experience do you have? (None at all is acceptable if you are honest).:
My other realm is Argent Dawn. Although i've not attended much rp events, i joined few and witnessed daily. Basically, i know more than general rules but not experienced enough to take a lead and stand by myself to change the direciton of the event.

Do you agree to the Guild's Roleplaying and Behavior Policy?:

By answering 'Yes' here, you have understood that the first four questions are to your character, and the last three to you as the player.:

What is your in-game character's name and realm? e.g. Elwood-Defias Brotherhood. :
Ravelyn-Defias Brotherhood

Karinia DuLey

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re: App: Ravejn


Thanks for your application. I've never been on AD before myself but I'm sure you will find our roleplay here slightly different. No doubt an officer will be on soon to give you their own reply.

Until then, I look forward to roleplaying with you, as I'm sure most of the rest of us.

Carcia Firesproket

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re: App: Ravejn


Hey! Thanks for applying


Our usual officer is away until Tuesday - however if you're around poke a Warden to see if another Officer (Like me) is around for an interview, if not we have one or two other members we trust for an IC interview, its nothing strenuous - Just a way of getting the feel of a persons ability and character


Look forward to hearing from you!  

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