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Isadore Keaton

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re: Report on the most recent expedition to Ratchet.



Two pieces of paper has been filled out with a rushed handwriting and hangs freely, pinned on the notice board.


Report on the most recent expedition to Ratchet, shores of Eastern Kalimdor.

In the company of Wardens; Mashira, Kenau, Mordoth and the Pandaren pronounced Shee-ow.

I was greeted by the friendy pandaren, but had little time to exchange pleasantries. Mashira and Mordoth swiftly joined the gathering, allowing a bit of planning before we hit our individual points of interest. Shee-ow and I journeyed to the nearest watering hole, locating the familiar worgen Daniel in the company of an older man. 

Following this discovery, I followed their conversation for a few minutes before heading out. Shee-ow took on the eavesdropping alone thereafter, allowing me to return to the streets of Ratchet. 

At this point, I learned of Kenau having arrived at Ratchet. Unfortunately, she had caught the attention of the local guards and I was not keen on further jogging their memories. Keeping a distance from the matter, I followed the proceedings with concern before joining Mordoth in an effort to make myself useful.

Mordoth had made it inside a house containing a goblin, one named Nebels working under Tilda. The goblin was quite discontent, which Mordoth explained had come to pass with the removal of his helmet. I examined the equipment for any apparent arcane scrawlings, yet found no traces at the time. Unable to achieve much else than the name ‘Tilda’ from Nebels, we argued our best of extracting information at length. Shee-ow resolved this by sending the goblin into a soothing sleep by the use of Chi.

We agreed on getting the goblin somewhere safer and I brought him to Mashira by the pier, passing the responsibility on to him. I wanted to take a closer look at a strangely deserted ship and continued north along the shores.  Stashing the comm and finer fabrics on the shores, I dove in and swam for the vessel.

Diving through the waters, I emerged on the starboard side and began climbing up hull. As I climbed through a cannon slot, I noticed some voices and made my way across the floorboards. Turning a corner, I saw the figure of a worgen dressed in a black robe. Escaping his line of sight, I listen in on this hooded worgen and unknown culprit exchange words.

The hooded worgen expresses how ‘pops’ has betrayed him, while the culprit seems content with pops’ purchase of his dog-slave. The hooded worgen mentions losing the company of ‘two traitors and a softie’ and conveys the intention of joining another group. He says the connections has been made too. The unknown culprit reveals himself to be a slaver, exclaiming his wishes to sell his boat as he already sold off every slave. The last bits I remember is the two reminiscing about a history together, phrasing it as the end of an era. Nothing more was gathered through eavesdropping and I attempted an exit the same way I came.

I should have planned my next steps more carefully. Stepping across the floorboards, they suddenly caved under me in an all-too-audible creak. The hooded worgen undoubtedly heard this, demanding I reveal myself. Instead, I ran for the cannon hole and leapt from a short sprint. I managed to slip out through the hull, past the barrel and down into the water. I could’ve sworn the magic this worgen sent my way didn’t scathe my person, yet plunging into the oceans I saw vision of a wolfs red eyes.  What am I to make of that?!

Arriving at the headquarters, I learned of the remaining Wardens’ procurement of Daniel and the elderly man. That concludes the events for tonight and I’ll be adjourning the premises.

I figured a written report was appropriate for the information I wanted to share with you all.

Judging from what I gathered on the ship, this might enable us to figure out the identity of our slaver culprit by following public ship listings or by expressing an interest in such purchases in the more clandestine crowds.

Thoroughly examining the distributions of masts, yards and the sail plans those allow; it would likely be advertised as either a barque or a ship.

Light guide you all,
Isadore Keaton

This Report relates to the event DM'ed by Mashira on the 23rd of February.
Not entirely sure if it got too lengthy, but it was fun writing from a characters perspective.

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