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re: Ambassador and Guardian (Rank Changes)


Yesterday the officer team passed a vote on adding a new responsibility to the Ambassador and Guardian ranks. The responsibility being that now Ambassadors and Guardians have the added role of keeping an eye out for aspiring Wardens who they feel may have potential for promotion. The connection between the Commanders and the two ranks will be strengthened, and after an Ambassador or Guardian informs the Commanders of this members potential - the Commanders can then form a decision together on the next step for these potentials. 

We hope to add more clear definition to the Ambassador and Guardian ranks, to give lower ranking members who do wish to climb that rank ladder another option. We wish to create more RP out of the promotions process and while we have successfully made achieving these ranks as tough as we would like to see them - not forsake accessibility to start that challenging and rewarding journey. 

We also discussed something that is already 'on paper' for the Ambassador and Guardian ranks but we haven't always managed to bring about. So under a more refined form we will be testing out the weekly tasks for the Ambassadors and Guardians which will be handed out by the Commanders at the meetings (or via letter - though meeting preferred). The Ambassadors and Guardians will be set a task/assignment relating to their chosen wing and also be paired with either an Initiate, Fellow or Warden to increase our RP interactions while on these tasks. 

In the event that the paired Initiate, Fellow or Warden is not available, we would not want this to determine the success of the Ambassador or Guardians assignment. So in this eventuality the Ambassador or Guardian may chose another who is available to embark on this assignment with. 

Tasks/assignments given will not be like the old weekly tasks. They will be relevant to the current RP happening in the Wardens be that a storyline, an up and coming plot, a solo event coming up and of course situations that arise within RP outside of the Warden calendar. 

We are very excited to be adding further distinction to the Ambassador and Guardian ranks. The tasks are in their early days of discussion within the Officer team but the baseline is coming together nicely so we can continue to develop and adapt the idea as it moves into our RP. 

Many thanks, the Officer Team .

Azeroth is but one small world in a vast universe, a realm filled with potent magics and mighty beings. Since the dawn of time, these forces have influenced Azeroth and the surrounding cosmos, setting the stars in motion and shaping the destiny of countless worlds and mortal civilizations. - Chronicle Volume 1: Cosmology
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