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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:45    Post subject:

My earliest memory in RP was my first day, going to a standard Tuesday meeting, with a... shall we say 'a little less than solid', personality for Aivor in mind. I was very excited to try RP and also a little afraid that I'd do something wrong (For I had heard legends of the Banhammer :P ). 

And then I walked through the door.

But from that shaky start I think I've most definitely improved. At least I remember the existence of the door?

For particularly memorable moments... I've got a few:

 - Troll Troubles in Uldum - one of my favourite events that I've DM'd, especially due to Frog-den and Pug-dreth! Maybe I should use polymorphs and hexes more often in events?

 - Again from Troll Troubles, way back in 2013, I remember Webbles attempting to shrink a Troll down, only to accidentally enlarge Ninen as she bear-bombed a poor Shadow Huntress.

 - Aivor telling Carmtan off for being an idiot in Gundrak. Now that was fun! Proof to me that even in an event where it's the DM and just one other person, with some quick changes you can make a really fun experience!

 - And finally, reintroducing Mashira after a hiatus of about a year, only for Berynd to use him as a human shield and break his ribs, making him inactive for about a month. Thanks Steyen! No, seriously, thanks. The talks that Mashira had with people while out of action are probably why I'm RPing him as my main today! Odd how things turn out, isn't it?

Carrying on from what Kari was saying about linear events, Troll Troubles' main story has finally reached a close, which leaves me able to trial new styles of events. I'm very excited to see how my current story-line, Worgen Wayfarers, will pan out and I have 2 more ideas coming down the line (I just need to think of names with alliteration)! Thank you all for the RP over the years - I can't wait to see what happens next!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 14:56    Post subject:

Hear hear! This year has indeed been a success! And this is a time we extend our thanks further to those that make this guild happen. Everyone plays a unique part and for it we have seven years full of happy memories. 

I looked over those videos and recalled how awful those events were structured compared to the evolution of our RP over the years. I am still going to be running those events again however for nostalgia's sake, hopefully in the next week to few weeks. 

Karinia DuLey
PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 17:51    Post subject:

This has been my first full year in the Wardens and what it has been.

After the last birthday, we had only two storylines going. When Carm disappeared that went down to just mine. Events were rather linear, talking, combat, talking.

Fast forward 12 months, we've had weeks with too many events to do an event for every one. The year may have started being one of hardship for the Wardens, but our new recruits, our returning members and the evolution of storylines moving more from combat to a huge variety...we are solid now.

And to show how much these last months have been, my favourite memories come from these:

-When I did Gnometure Science and linked it on Discord. The comments were fantastic and everyone at events got into it ('Kari are you doing science?' - Carcia, 2017). The fact somehow Mord and Carc both improved with science...hilarious. And the success of Gnometure led to me creating my own gnome.

-Eventing with Niki, especially the first few ones. I hadn't RPed a gnome for ages, how they can be taken can really put me off. But with the same sort of humour as Gnometure, with a bit more leaning on fourth wall, Niki became a character that people actually said 'I love Niki'...which as someone who likes writing...means alot.

My lesson for all, if you ask for opinions and people say they like it, that is good. If you don't ask and people say they like it, you are onto something special.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:12    Post subject:

Check out our old youtube recording channel from the first 2 years of our formation x)

Carcia Firesproket
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:52    Post subject:

No longer have screenshots of this, but sometime in 2010-2011 we had an event in Burning Steppes at Blackrock Hold or w/e and I was playing Nhyra at the time (As she was a Commander before Carcia was, as I was still in Redrum Inc) and I have vivid memories of the Wardens taking on many orcs that day. I just remember Carmtan and I being there and not much else.


But its been 7 years. I can think of plenty since then, but thats the earliest thing I can remember. And with my recent forays into the PvE world last year I can't actually imagine being anywhere else, honestly. Members have come and gone but WoA is my home and I honestly don't think I'd still be playing WoW without it.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:20    Post subject: WoA's 7th Birthday.

Share your pictures, screenshots, memories and all things Warden over the years here! 

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